In some respects, software businesses are like cars. They need periodic maintenance and checkups or they will break down !

Over the last 40 years I have worked hard to make many software businesses successful. From startup to enterprise level. Over this time I have refined a number of techniques that allow me to dig into the most common areas where a software business will begin to lose money.

There are 8 main areas that I investigate and I have now updated my diagnostic tool that I can use to give a report back to business owners on what areas of their software process might need some attention. If required,  I can continue to work with the business after the MOT to drive the necessary change into the business.

The above diagram is a representative output from the process. It is not an automatic process and requires me to meet and work with your team but it is an attempt to give a metric on which business owners can respond. I think it a great tool to use if :

  • You are a startup and don’t really understand the software life cycle and could do with a friend to rely on.
  • You are an established business but know that you could improve your business and would like external help to galvanise your team.
  • You are about to acquire a business and would like an insight into the underlying software processes and general state of health of the business.

If you would like to know more about this or book me in, please contact or call +44 7808 056269.